Steve Brooks
-- a songwriter who believes we can change the world when we look at it from a different angle ... or from several angles at once

Rex Foster
-- songs from real life; jewelry from nature

Ken Gaines
-- singer, songwriter, guitarist & producer

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
-- the best in contemporary and traditional folk music

Jim Hancock & Friends
-- merry minstrels and medieval troubadours

Liz Henry Richardson
-- blues, jazz, folk, and gospel

Riders on the Orphan Train: Phil Lancaster & Alison Moore
-- history comes alive through live music, literary readings and film

Ky Hote
-- original tunes, lyrics, and instrumentals

Kim Miller
-- original music that's ethereal, but not lost in the clouds

T-Roy and Candace Kunz Miller
-- picking parties, albums and more

My Texas Music
-- recordings from more than 300 artists who live or perform in Texas

Bob Livingston Music
-- one of the original cosmic cowboys


Crow Johnson Evans
-- fiber arts, words, and music

eRic Luplow
-- surreal looks at life and nature, in vibrant watercolor

Event Sculptures -- Creations in sand by a master sculptor

Jim Lutz, Bolaman
-- metal art from the heart of Texas


Chinati Hot Springs
-- a Chihuahuan desert oasis of rest and renewal

Texas State Parks Guide
-- swimming, fishing, canoeing, camping, history, mountains, forests, deserts ... you name it, we have it!

San Antonio Bike Tours
-- guided tours of a historic city on comfortable recumbent tricycles

Texpert Tours
-- Howie Richey mapped the Kerrville Folk Festival campground. Join him as he explores other nooks and crannies of Texas